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Marilyn Night Club

Marilyn Night Club

Happy Birthday Marilyn!

2024. május 22. - Marilynbar

If you can only attend one event at a strip club, make it this one! A huge party is coming on Thursday, the 23rd of May. Marilyn is celebrating its 31st birthday, and the event won’t be private, meaning that guests can celebrate with us. Here’s a little recap from the past years:

31 years ago on this day, the gates of this amazing club opened. Until 1999, it operated under the name Blue Angel and attracted guests from all around the world. After the change of regime, curious tourists—besides wanting to see the beautiful locations—also wanted to see the famously pretty Hungarian girls. The place became so well-known in such a short time that interested individuals waited in endless queues on the street. Far more guests arrived than the then 180-square-meter club could accommodate. In the beginning, there was no table dance, no separate or VIP rooms, only one stage where the show ran, with many entertaining details. 

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In 1999, a renovation was needed. This was when Marilyn finally added three separate rooms, and table dancing also began. New competitors emerged in the world of night clubs, but Marilyn always stood out. Cage dancing and a shower show added colour to the repertoire, with guests actively participating. There were astonishing shows night after night: boob beauty contests, body painting competitions, snake shows, and a casino brought life to the club each day. Not to mention, guests could also eat from the beautiful bodies of our dancer girls.

Marilyn’s fame remains unbroken to this day, with constantly changing shows and endless package deal offers. This strip bar is the place for upbeat parties, electrifying nights, and unforgettable memories. It has been the market leader in Hungary for 31 years now, thanks to its unchanged leadership and continuous renewal. This strip bar has no time to rest, persistently bringing in new adventures day after day.

Marilyn’s unmatched bar has an enormous drink selection. Currently, 30 beautiful dancers entertain guests five evenings a week, on two levels, covering an area of 350 square meters. Instead of the previous three private rooms, there are now ten available for guests, featuring Table Dance, Mirror Lap dance, Domina Show, Bride Show, Shower Show, and many other performances adding variety to the palette. Private rooms accommodating 15-20 people are also available for groups wanting a separate entertainment experience, such as for bachelor parties. The range of package offers is uniquely wide: team building, birthdays, wedding anniversaries for couples, bachelor parties... whatever the theme of the celebration, Marilyn provides the perfect venue for it. The latest innovation is the Live Show, which is now accessible through the website. Visitors from over 80 countries have come here, and many celebrities are regular guests, whose names are, of course, not mentioned, as discretion is fundamental in the nightlife entertainment industry. More than three thousand grooms have held their bachelor parties here, and over the course of 31 years, more than one and a half million guests have visited the Night Club. Marilyn introduced and continuously leads the strip club culture in Hungary.

The bar's friendly atmosphere is perfectly reflected in the fact that the grand birthday party is not a closed event; guests can also participate in the celebration, and everyone can get a slice of the birthday cake, along with a 30% discount on drinks. Additionally, a spectacular show is expected. Who wouldn't want to be part of such a legendary event?

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